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199,375 free books mailed to children in Mendocino County since our program started in 2009!


Read more about the Imagination Library here.


Local support is needed to sustain this program. The Imagination Library is absolutely free to participating families.To help keep it free, FIRST 5 Mendocino accepts donations to offset the $25 cost per child, per year.

Here are two great ways to support the Imagination Library:


Grounds for Success

Donate online by clicking the button above or
Write a check payable to:

Community Foundation of Mendocino County
Memo: Imagination Library
Mail to:
The Community Foundation of Mendocino County
204 South Oak Street, Ukiah, CA  95482

FREE SHIPPING, when you spend $35 at Thanksgiving Coffee using this link

You can help in a most delicious way. Simply click on the button above to Thanksgiving Coffee’s online store.
Using this link will count you in as a supporter of FIRST 5 and the Imagination Library, and 10% of the profit from every 12oz package of coffee that you buy online will get fantastic coffee into your hands, and new books into the hands of our children.
More info? Check out our Grounds for Success program's web page


Bee for Books 2013

Imagination Library in the News. Read more here...

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2013 Sponsors & Individual Donors:

United Way   Cloud Forest Institute Mendocino Savings BankReal Goods
Bill Taylor, George and Ruth Bradford Foundatio,n Campovida, Fetzer Vineyards, Goosebottom Books, Shirin Bridges, Husch Vineyards, Jay Alison Moscariello, Jendi Coursey, Lovers Lane Farm, Menaka Olson, Mendocino Baby, Myrna Ogelsby, Redwood Health Club, Sandy and Thomas Peters, Sapothecary, Schat’s Bakery, Umpqua Bank, Black Oak Coffee Roasters, David Riemenschneider and Sandra Applegate, DH Designs, Grapevine Quilters, Kohl’s Cares, Jim and Maya Stuart, Linda Nagel, Mendo Lake Credit Union, Natasha Yim, Navarro Vineyards, Nelson Family Vineyards, Parducci Wine Cellars, Starbucks, Ukiah High School Interact Club, Katie Rychlicki, Abby Nolen, Natalie Loots, Melanie Underhill, Mary Pettit, Ally Beasley, Dan Hibshman, Leslie Kirkpatrick, Kate Feigin, Brian Nagel, Sherri and Lee E Haldorson, Jessie Nunes, Judith Kayser, Mindy Kittay, Sabra Lugthart, Melissa Elbert, Paige Doyle, Austyn Gaffney, Chandler Wherry, Carolyn Smith, Will Long, Townley Anderson, Rosemary Eddy, Aleyna Molgaard, Zane Molgaard, Michael Kisslinger, Charlie and Joan Kelly, Francine D Selim, Jordan and Julie Anderson, Willits Rotary, Rotary of South Ukiah, Soroptomists of the Mendocino Sonoma Coast, G. Patrick, Catherine and Jonathan Middleton, Holly and Michael Maynard, Lucille Bayer, Jill N Damian, Vivian K White and Kevin P Murphy, John T Bailey and Sarah Bailey, Lydia Villegas and Eriberto Villegas, Stephen Hahm and Megan Van Sant, Renee Gannon and Jeremy Mann, Savings Bank of Mendocino County, George and Ruth Bradford Foundation, United Way of the Wine Country, Carol Lowenheim Park, Mindy Kittay, John T Bailey and Sarah Bailey, Lani Kask, Laurence W. Hartley, Terri Davis, Richard Schneider, Stacy Schneider, Mary Thomas, Anne Molgaard


2012 Sponsors & Individual Donors:

United Way   Cloud Forest Institute Mendocino Savings Bank

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United Way, Husch Vineyards, Mike Thompson and Heidi Dickerson, Dr. and Mrs. Arthur Robinson, Pamela L. Rones, CPA, Darcy L. Deleon, Kristin Fraser, Michael B. Combs, Starbucks, Mendocino Baby, Insurance Mommy, Lovers Lane Farm, Renee Gannon, David Riemenschneider, Curves, Hollie Nass Photography, Ocotime, Schat’s Bakery, Mary L. Watter, V James Sligh, Ukiah Valley Medical Center, Savings Bank of Mendocino, Kira-kira Collage, Natasha Yim, Gretchen Maurer, Redwood Children’s Services, Shoefly and Sox, Adrienne Binder, Allison Miller and Ryan Miller, Andrea Bergamini, Andrea Heaney, Angel Carrillo and Ana Carrillo, Anita McAvoy, Anne Gould, Aleyna Molgaard and Michael Kisslinger, Anytime Fitness, April Tally, Aramark Linens, Ashley Bergen, Barbara Pope, Belinda Judelman, Bernard Kent Porter and Cyndi Smith Porter, Candi Whitman, Carolynn Hansen, Cassie Gibson Christina M Haslam, Cici Winger, Cloud Forest Institute, Coffee Critic, Congressman Mike Thompson , Courtney Hotchkiss, Curves of Willits, Dan Hamburg, Daniel Hibshman , Daniel R. Catone and Jennifer L. Catone, Daphne Macneil, David and Sandra Riemenschneider, Denise Kawkeka, Diane Pauli, Don & Leslie Barkley, Eileen Mitro, Ernest W Schupp III and Linda J Schupp, Fetzer Vineyards, Carol Crosby, George and Ruth Bradford Foundation, Goosebottom Books, Gretchen Maurer, Holes in the Wall, Hollie Nass Photography Holly Maynard, Husch Vineyards, J. David Brown and Allyne D. Brown, Jai Fults, Jaime Jacobson, Jamie Bobin, Jeannie Stephens, Jeffrey Bergamini, Jendi Coursey, Jennifer Frew, Jenny Liana, Jeremy Mann and Renne Gannon, Jessica Nunes, Jim and Maya Stuart, Jonah Walsh, Jone Duggan, Jordan Scarpari, Julie Drucker, Karen Crabtree, Kimberley Deetz-Hoover,Kira-kira Collage, Jenn Douthit, Kohl’s Cares, Laura Allman,Laurence W Hartley and Patricia A Hartley,Law Offices of David Riemenschneider, Leslie Kirkpatrick, Lisa Noel, Lovers Lane Farm, Lucresha Rentería, Lucy E Neely, Lydia Lopez, Lucy Neely, Margaret Sanchez, Margie Ruffridge, Mari Rodin, Marilyn T. Clawson, Mary Beth Bullock , Mary E. Pettit Mary Hatfield, Mary Lucinda Watter, Megan Van Sant, Melanie Kask, Menaka Olson, Mendo Lake Credit Union, Mendocino Baby, Mendocino Book Company, Myrna Oglesby, Nancy Johnson, Napa Smith Brewing, Natasha Yim, Nelson Family Vineyards, Nicole Abreyeva, OCO time, Pam Seay, Pamela L. Rones, Phillip J. Dow, Rebeca Lopez, Redwood Children’s Services, Redwood Health Club of Ukiah, Renee Gannon, Roseanne Castro, Sam and Zoey Fernandez, Sandy O’Ferrall, Sarah Hankins, Savings Bank of Mendocino, Schat’s Bakery Sean Flynn , Shannon and George PhelanShoefly and Sox, Silver’s at the Wharf, Simaine Cellars ,Stacey Cryer, Starbucks, Susan Yandell, Tina Rader, Terri Davis, Tom Olson and Pam Muckleroy, Ukiah Valley Conference Center, Umpqua Bank, Vivian White, William C.F. Long,Willow Mae Anderson, Ukiah Kiwanis, Linda K. Malone, Robert Benfield, Lou Anne Fredrickson, Leslie Murgatroyd, Patricia Spencer, Kristi and Michael Ross, Soroptimist International of Mendocino-Sonoma Coast, Michael B. Combs, Gualala Lions Club, Linda Reno, Diann Ells, Janet Biasca, Chad and Elizabeth Boardman, Jonathon & Christina Middlebrook, Sabra Lugthart, Kristine Ross, Phyllis Curtis, Paul & Anne Holden, Larry & Pat Hartley, Cathleen Crosby, Mendocino Coast Child Abuse Prevention Council, Dan Hamburg, Anne Molgarrd, Lydia and Eriberto Villegas, Rebecca A Laird, Jenni Wyatt and Samantha Lazaro, Chester E. Anderson, Judith Ann Coughlin, Andrew and Ashley Faust, Imelda Trejo, Tom and Shirley Schott, The Spencer Family, Mari Rodin, Ukiah High School Interact Club, Melissa Elbert



2011 Sponsors & Individual Donors:
United Way

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United Way, Susan and Daniel McConnell, Alvarez Carwash, Cinnabar Ceramics, Congressman Mike Thompson, Dave’s Bike Shop, Dennis and Andrea Patton, Diane Pauli, Glenn McGourty, Happy Thai, Hollie Nass, Husch Vineyards, JBL Insurance, Jendi Coursey, kira-kira Collage, Lovers Lane Farm, Paul Tichinin, The Shop Day Spa & Salon, Mendocino Book Company, Renee Gannon and Jeremy Mann, Tammy Scott, Ukiah Brewing Company, Ukiah Main Street Program, Ukiah Players Theatre, Umpqua Bank, Hannah Bird, Roseanne Castro, Melanie and Richard Lightbody, Tim and Camille Schraeder, Susan Vega Pallesen, Sita Khufu, Ernest W. Schupp III and Linda J. Schupp, Bill Mergener and Claudia Callander, Michael and Sara Webster, Rose Waring, Phyllis Curtis, Benj Thomas and Susan baird Kanaan, Lucy Neely, Philip and Leanor Baldwin, Mari Rodin, The Ford Street Project, Law Office of Barry Vogel, Law Offices of Norman G. Rosen, James and Jeanne King, David Nelson, John Everett Smoot, Law Offices of David Riemenschneider, Law Offices of G. Scott Gaustad, Jennifer Ketring Ketring and Benjamin M. Duggan, The Degallier Family, Mendocino Coast Child Abuse Prevention Council, Rotary Club of South Ukiah, Jill and Jesus Damian, the Scott Family, the Cultus Club, Nora Williamson, Adventist Health, Allyson Beasley, Anne Molgaard and Michael Kisslinger, Colin Chaves DVM, Daniel McConnell, David Weitzman, Dawn Smith, Denise Degall, Donald and Leslie Beasley, Donald J. Barkley and Leslie A. Maricle Barkley, Dr. Julia Gallichio, Dr. William Beasley, Elizabeth M. Norman, Erin Koehn, Francine and Ronald Selim, George & Shannon Phelan, Goodsearch, James Cotton and Kim Puckett, Jim and Alix Levine, Judith Fuente, Lorre Stange, MacCallum Properties, Inc, Mary and Michael Carnevale, Mendocino Community Health Clinic, Ms. Nancy Steiner and Mr. W Park, Paul H. McDonald, Sara Randall, Stacey Ruppert, Stephen Hahm and Megan Van Sant, Timothy Schraeder, Ukiah Natural Foods Coop, Vivian White and Kevin Murphy, Wal-mart, William Van Sant, Roger & Susan Coy, Law Offices of Myrna Oglesby, George & Ruth Brandford Foundation, Ivette Evans, Jill Damian, Carolyn Strickland, Bernice C. Strickland, Jaimi Parsons-Petti, Lou Anne Fredrickson, Hartz Court Chiropractic Office, Roger and Susan Coy, Gabriel and Allison Martin, Fort Bragg Kiwanis Club Foundation, Daisy Gwin, GoodSearch, Cindy Sauers, Umqua Bank, Samuel E. Senerchia, Barbara A. Ciro, Michael Huckleberry & Anna Levy


2010 Sponsors & Individual Donors:

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Michael and Menaka Olson, Harold and Jacqueline Wollenberg, James and Dianna Barron, Jonathan Middlebrook, Tami Glasco, Anne Holden, Jessica Kimball, Cultus Club, PEO Sisterhood, Fort Bragg Lions Club, Paul and Judith Tichinin, Walmart, Anne Molgaard, Megan Van Sant, Jim Levine, Paul & Suzanne MacDonald, Ukiah Natural Foods, Niki Chaves, Erin Koehn, Nancy Steiner and Mr. W Park, David Weitzman,Francine and Ron Selim, Renee Gannonn and Jeremy Mann

2009 Sponsors & Individual Donors:

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Fort Bragg Rotary Club, Mendo Lake Credit Union, Redwood Empire Lions Club, Rotary Club of Mendocino, South Ukiah Rotary Club, Willits Lions Club, and the Ukiah Rotary Club, Diane Pauli, Megan Barber Allende, Lynn Baumgartner, Bonnie and Jared Carter, Ann Cole, Kiwanis of Ukiah, Anne Molgaard, Jim Levine, Kathleen Rzplenski, Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Smith, Paul Tichinin

Active Partners: The Community Foundation of Mendocino County and the Mendocino County Library

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